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Adorable Clinic is Best Skin & Hair Clinic in South Delhi
I would say, this is the best clinic which serves the best treatment with a great technique. The staff is just wonderful as well as professional with their work. Me and my mother both took the treatment and we start feeling the results from the second or third sitting. Not only the skin, they also help us to maintain a proper diet which makes us healthy internally also. I definitely recommend this clinic to all of you. Dr. Kushboo is so generous and keeps our skin as a priority rather than the money unlike other doctors. So, I would suggest everyone to book their appointments as soon as possible to get a healthy and adorable skin.
Chhavi Sharma
Laser Hair Removal
I've used the Beard Shaping Hair Removal Treatment from Adorable Skin and Hair Clinic. I have amazingly good results from just one session with my doctor and the staff is so sweet. Thank you, bond shine skin and hair clinic for making me beautiful!
Avan Saron
Laser Beard Shaping
I had a great experience at Adorable Clinic. The service was excellent and I’m very happy with my PRP results. Dr. Khushboo was very knowledgeable and friendly. She did a great job and I highly recommend her.
Umashankar Tiwari
PRP Treatment
I was so impressed with the quality of the Adorable Laser Clinic that I purchased laser hair removal. The results were satisfactory and I'm really happy with my decision. Now I'm using the hydrafacial, as well as full body laser hair removal. I would recommend them to anyone in need of services like these!
Parth Rahak
I came to the Adorable Clinic for a full body laser hair removal treatment and I have never felt so confident. I went from weekly waxing and shaving which is just time consuming to monthly waxing at best. The staff was professional and told me everything I need to know before hand so it was very straightforward.
Manish Kashyap
Laser Hair Removal
have consulted Dr Khushboo for my skin acne problem with scars. Dr Khushboo is really a very nice and humble person, she gave me proper consultation time and suggested me to go with few procedures along with the treatment. I am getting good results after a month of treatment and I recommend everyone to go ahead with this doctor for any of your skin issues. !!! Highly recommend !!!
Thank you so much Adorable clinic
Gourav Kumar
Laser Hair Removal